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4 Great Smoothies

Create Your Own Healthy Smoothie With These 4 Great Recipes

Posted on March 12, 2013 by The Alternative Daily

Smoothies are not only wonderfully delicious, they’re nutritious and easy to make. With so many tasty, healthy ingredients that can be used, the options are nearly endless if you want to have fun coming up with your own creations.

A healthy smoothie requires just a few standard ingredients used as building blocks, while your own tastes and preferences determine exactly which to use. To get started, here is a basic list of ingredients – pick and choose one or more to come up with your own creation:


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Protein (this is optional but always a good idea to boost fat burning and keep you feeling fuller longer)

Organic Fruits or vegetables

Using frozen fruits or vegetables, you’ll need little if any ice, making it much easier and a little faster to create your smoothie. Bananas serve to thicken and result in a creamier smoothie.

Optional additions

4 Great Smoothie Recipes to Try

Use all organic ingredients. If recipe calls for juices, it is best to squeeze or juice the fruit yourself, as opposed to buying processed juices.

Summer Berry Delight

Ultra Creamy Mango

Super Winter Antioxidant Boost

Sunrise Smoothie

For all of the recipes, add your liquid first in order to make the blending process run smoothly. Add remaining ingredients, place the lid on your blender and mix on medium speed.  Blend the ingredients until they’ve been liquefied for approximately 10 seconds. Enjoy!