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EZ Rapid weight loss

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EZ Rapid Weight Loss 

By My Diet MDS.Com

Get the ultimate weight loss formula and lose up to 20 Lbs in a Month

Prepare your body for rapid weight loss:

Get one treatment of the "7 day rapid detox and cleanse" to get rid of toxins in your body holding you from losing weight.

Limit your daily caloric intake for rapid weight loss :

Take 28 daily pills of Phentermine 18.5 mg two hours after breakfast to control your appetite whole day and limit your daily caloric intake . Must eat 5 to 6 meals a day of small portions.

Boost your metabolism and get energy :

Get B12 injections one every week for 4 weeks, to boost your energy making you active and to increase metabolism .

Get-rid of Excess Body Water with HCTZ for rapid weight loss :

Taking HCTZ 12.5 mg (water pills) daily for 28 days. They will decrease extra water in your body contributing to your excess weight.

Diet and exercise :

Receive 28 days of Diet Plan, daily exercise routines and Yoga for weight loss tape.

You will do all this under strict supervision of physicians at

My Diet MDs for a fee of $550.00.